3rd meeting


CHASE-CHIHE Workshop 26.05.2015

The rationale for this meeting is to give the scientists working in two independent Polish-Norwegian projects a chance to get acquainted with the so far results and plans of each project. Exchange of information is absolutely necessary, so that redundancy is avoided. 





9:30 – Opening statements by the host and by the coordinators of two projects

9:40 – Tour de table – self-introduction of participants

9:50 – Presentation CHASE-PL 1 (by coordinator, perhaps delivered by ZK: Climate change impact assessment for selected sectors in Poland, CHASE-PL. A review)

10:25 – Presentation CHASE-PL 2 (by Norwegian partner)

11:00 – Tea / coffee break

11:20 – Presentation CHASE-PL 3 (by Polish partner, perhaps delivered by Dr Piniewski: Hydrological modelling of climate change impacts in the Vistula and Odra basins across different scales: objectives, data and methods).

11:55 - Presentation CHIHE  (RR)

  • WP1 – Changes in observed hydro-meteorological time series in Polish and Norwegian catchments   
  • WP2 – Projections for climate change impacts on hydrological extremes under a future climate: Methods, results and their uncertainties
  • WP3 – Flood and drought frequency analysis within a non-stationary framework: Methodology and application  
  • WP4 – Adaptation to floods under a future climate

12:30 – Presentation CHIHE: WP1 and WP2 (JN and MO) 

13:05 – Lunch break

14:05 – Presentation CHIHE: WP3 and WP4 (EB and RR)

14:40 – General discussion