1st meeting

1st Workshop


Climate Change Impact on Hydrological Extremes



Workshop venue:

Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences,

Warsaw, Poland


Workshop Programme


Wednesday, 12.02.2014

·         Arrival of participants from Norway  - afternoon, accommodation in the Hotel Bristol


Thursday, 13.02.2014,


1.       Introduction and background – R. Romanowicz (5 mins)

2.       Short presentation of the project participants:      (30 mins)

Deborah Lawrence, Hege Hisdal, Donna Wilson, Witold Strupczewski, Renata Romanowicz, Jarosław Napiórkowski, Ewa Bogdanowicz, Marzena Osuch , Joanna Doroszkiewicz, Hadush Meresa, Sisay Debele


3.       Presentation of Work Packages – main tasks

·         WP1 – Jarek Napiórkowski/Marzena Osuch

·         WP2 – Deborah Lawrence

·         WP3 – Witold Strupczewski/Ewa Bogdanowicz

·         WP4 – Hege Hisdal

·         Discussion on the tasks, detailed time schedule, sub-deliverables

Lunch 13.00

4.       Discussions (led by: names in parenthesis)

·         Choice of catchments: Norwegian and Polish perspective (Donna, Marzena)

·         Ensemble methods for developing hydrological projections – availability of climate projections and feasibility of methods (Deborah)

·         Trend, homogeneity and correlation analyses of observed temperature, precipitation and discharge parameters (Donna)

·         Data types and methods in FA (low and high flows) (Ewa)

·         Methods of dealing with dependent data (Renata)

·         Nonstationarity issues (Witek)

·         Hydrological models (Jarek)

·         Adaptation to floods: Norwegian and Polish perspective (Hege, Joanna)


5.       Other business

Closing: 18.00

Dinner: 19.00 – Restauracja Polka


Friday, 14.02.2014

9.00-11.00  - discussions with students etc


11.15 – departure for the airport